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By Beth Gale, Solicitor Christian Louboutin used his assistant’s red nail varnish to paint the sole of a pair of shoes in 1992 and from this developed a world famous brand which is somewhat of a phenomenon. As Louboutin’s shoes became increasingly popular, and instantly recognisable, many high street stores across the globe started to… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Some Things in Life are Guaranteed to be Satisfying

Some things in life are guaranteed to be satisfying, like having some down-time after a hard week, taking off high heels at the end of the day, getting into a freshly made bed and receiving good service. ‘Client satisfaction’ is a term frequently used as a measure of how products and services supplied by a… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Notices of Intention to Appoint – What is the intention?

The Court of Appeal, in JCAM Commercial Real Estate Property XV Limited v Davis Haulage [2017] EWCA Civ 267, has recently had to look at what intention a Director who files a ‘Notice of Intention to Appoint an Administrator” has to have when filing it at Court. The wording of the Notice seems to be… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)


Last month saw the new Insolvency Rules come into effect as of 6 April 2017. One of the key changes made relates to the holding of creditor meetings. These changes will impact on commercial contracts governed by English law. Many commercial contracts and leases contain an insolvency provision which defines “Insolvency” to include the holding… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Are Court Fees preventing you from issuing a claim?

The Law Society Gazette this week published an article stating that the number of county court judgments against businesses has fallen according to the official year-on-year figures. It was reported that this fall was fuelling speculation that higher court fees were preventing businesses from going to court to recover the monies owed to them. The… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Insolvency goes back to School

In July 2016 the government launched a consultation regarding the development of an Insolvency Regime for Further Education. It was a short lived consultation lasting only four weeks leaving many interested parties concerned that the process was open for such a short time and during the period where colleges would be on their summer vacation…. Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Disclosing Surveillance

There are times when a defendant receives valuable video surveillance footage of a claimant late in the proceedings. How can it then be introduced as evidence? The starting point is that a party has a continuing duty of disclosure to the other under CPR Part 31.11 which only concludes when proceedings end. If privilege is… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Soaring House Prices in Crawley

As the property market continues to soar throughout the UK, a significant number of areas are making their mark on the map as being “the most desirable”.  Crawley in West Sussex has recently hit the headlines, being the only area outside of London to make it into the top 10 most desirable places to live.  … Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Staged Claims

With an estimated £2.1 billion of undetected insurance fraud committed every year in the UK, there has been an increasing imperative upon defendants and their insurers to combat this through the courts. Insurance fraud has an impact upon the public, who end up paying for the dishonesty of some through higher insurance premiums. Insurance fraud… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 brings in many changes to consumer law which will affect both consumers and businesses alike. Rights and remedies available to consumers have been clarified and confirmed. Businesses and traders can be clearer on their obligations too. The Act replaces the majority of the ‘big three’ pieces of consumer legislation –… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)