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Some Things in Life are Guaranteed to be Satisfying

Some things in life are guaranteed to be satisfying, like having some down-time after a hard week, taking off high heels at the end of the day, getting into a freshly made bed and receiving good service. ‘Client satisfaction’ is a term frequently used as a measure of how products and services supplied by a… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

To have and to hold in sickness and in health?

To promise to have and to hold in sickness and in health within your wedding vows may be said with the best of intentions, however in reality this is not necessarily proving to always be the case – especially for men. A recent study[i] has shown that a couple is more likely to divorce if… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Same Sex Parenting and Parental Order Applications

Following the landmark changes to same sex marriages, it is reasonable to assume there will be more and more same sex couples who will want to start a family of their own. Following changes introduced by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, same-sex couples can now become equal legal parents of children they conceive… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Congratulations to all same sex couples getting married!

The first same-sex marriages in England and Wales will take place shortly after midnight today, as the law allowing them comes into effect. The law enabling same sex marriage didn’t have an easy ride through Parliament but we did, rather unusually, see Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships work together to back the proposals which… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Do you need to convert your civil partnership into a marriage?

Same sex couples will be able to get married in England and Wales after new measures became law earlier on in the year. Due to the amendments to be made to other laws that are relevant to marriage and the administrative changes needed the government has announced that the first same sex marriages will be… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

No prizes for saying “I do”

While George Osbourne may yet have an incentive or two up his sleeve tomorrow, a tax break for married couples will not be one of them. Leaks to the press say the long-promised manifesto pledge has again failed to make it to the budget. Is this a triumph of good sense over spin, or a… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Government to back same-sex weddings in church

It is understood that next week the government will announce that the Bill seeking to legalise same sex marriage will also look for allowing same sex marriage to take place in churches and other religious buildings. This has been a significant point of controversy, with widespread opposition by senior Anglican and Catholic leaders. However, it… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Gay and lesbian parenting – are three parents better than two?

Our legal system continues to struggle to evolve a principled approach to cases involving same sex parents as a recent case[1] in the Court of Appeal has shown. This case related to a boy who is now aged 2. The boy lived with his biological mother and her long term lesbian partner. When the couple… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Landmark case enshrines civil partnership as ‘identical’ to marriage if the relationship breaks down

Civil partners have “identical” rights to husbands and wives, three senior judges established yesterday as they settled the first multi-million pound civil partnership split to come before the courts. The case acknowledges that the same principles should apply as to when a husband and wife divorce.  The court have stated that the fact that the… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Blog from a gay man, in a gay relationship, in a gay town, with gay friends and gay family!

As a Director of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, I am familiar with the inequality faced by lesbian, gay and bisexual people in this country. The organisation I work for has built itself on not championing gay rights, but championing equal rights for lesbian, gay and bisexual people. When I came out as gay in… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)