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Some Things in Life are Guaranteed to be Satisfying

Some things in life are guaranteed to be satisfying, like having some down-time after a hard week, taking off high heels at the end of the day, getting into a freshly made bed and receiving good service. ‘Client satisfaction’ is a term frequently used as a measure of how products and services supplied by a… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Are Civil Partnerships Discriminative?

The news today is full of the story of Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan, a heterosexual couple from London, who had launched court proceedings to challenge the limitations of the current procedure for civil partnerships which are only open to homosexual couples. The couple have previously given interviews, explaining their reasons for wishing to enter… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Top tips to sort out your finances after separation

The more organised you are with your finances the easier you will find it is to gather the information necessary to sort out the financial arrangements after separating from your partner. Being organised though can be really difficult, particularly if your former partner has been the one that has dealt with the finances over the… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Same sex couples looking to have a child continue to face difficulties due to inadequacies in the law

A recent court battle has highlighted how “agreements” between potential parents reached privately to conceive children to build a family can go wrong and cause great distress to the biological parents and their spouses or partners as well as uncertainty for the child. The case involved a determination of the nature of the parents’ agreement… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Same Sex Parenting and Parental Order Applications

Following the landmark changes to same sex marriages, it is reasonable to assume there will be more and more same sex couples who will want to start a family of their own. Following changes introduced by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, same-sex couples can now become equal legal parents of children they conceive… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

What is the future for civil partnerships?

The Government Equalities Office and Department for Culture, Media & Sport have published a report to summarise the conclusions of a review on civil partnership in England and Wales. The three main changes to civil partnership that were being considered were 1) the abolition of civil partnerships 2) closing civil partnerships to new couples and… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Congratulations to all same sex couples getting married!

The first same-sex marriages in England and Wales will take place shortly after midnight today, as the law allowing them comes into effect. The law enabling same sex marriage didn’t have an easy ride through Parliament but we did, rather unusually, see Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat leaderships work together to back the proposals which… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Breaking up is never easy

Splitting up with your partner is never easy, and when emotions are high it is hard to know what your options are or where you should turn. Good legal advice is essential so that you can discuss all the aspects of the finances and any issues with the children, work out what your situation is… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Do you need to convert your civil partnership into a marriage?

Same sex couples will be able to get married in England and Wales after new measures have become law. Due to the amendments to be made to other laws that are relevant to marriage and the administrative changes needed same sex marriage is expected to be available from next summer. If you are already in… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

The importance of agreeing plans before fertility treatment

Known sperm donors can now apply for a role in their children’s upbringing following a recent case in the High Court[i]. This is despite the sperm donor having no legal relationship with a child under legislation. The case involved two lesbian couples who were friends with a gay male couple.  All three couples are in… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)