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Is there a Compensation Culture in the UK or is that just what politicians want you to think?

For the last 12 months the press have reported on two subjects that always catch my eye. One is the ‘Compensation Culture crippling the NHS’ and the other, the ‘Widespread budget cuts effecting front line care’. It doesn’t come as a great surprise to me that these two issues are linked but you rarely see… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

“Cold Callers”

When ‘Unknown Caller’ flashes on the screen of my mobile I’d like to leave it ring but, with two young children, there’s always the concern that it may be their school. This morning when my phone rang, rather than being greeted by the head mistress, I was contacted by a call centre offering legal services. … Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Amy Pickard’s tragic story shows importance of inquests

Inquests are never happy events but yesterday I witnessed one of the saddest stories I’ve heard in a long time. Amy Pickard was 17-years-old and seven months pregnant when she experienced a heroin-induced brain injury. Her mother Thelma Pickard was with Amy every day for the eight years she remained in a coma, until her… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Concerns over inquest ‘failures’ after hospital deaths

The BBC has this week been reported that some coroners in England and Wales are failing to fully investigate hospital deaths. It has been said that:- There is inconsistency in the way that coroners investigate deaths and conduct inquests. Many coroners do not routinely examine medical records It was hoped that the appointment of a… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Can You Trust Your Doctor?

I always take a keen interest when investigations into healthcare professionals feature on the box and channel 4’s ‘dispatches’ last night was no exception. 800,000 people visit their GP each day. It is the first point of contact for most NHS treatment.  It is not surprising that, traditionally, GPs are viewed by many as the… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Emergency surgery patients’ lives at risk

Leading surgeons say that the lives of thousands of non-cardiac NHS emergency surgery patients are being risked by poor care and delays in treatment. The report by the Royal College of surgeons “The Higher Risk General Surgical Patient: towards improved care for a forgotten group” highlights a number of issues including; Approximately 170,000 patients undergo… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

Expert witnesses lose immunity from being sued over matters arising in the course of proceedings.

In Jones v Kaney [2011] UKSC 13, the Supreme Court removed the 400-year-old protection that gave expert witnesses immunity from suit for breach of duty whether in contract or negligence, in relation to their participation in legal proceedings. Mr Jones had brought a personal injury claim after being seriously injured in a road traffic accident…. Read the rest of this post (No Comments)

GPs are given new guidance on Meningitis ‘Early Indicators’

Meningitis is the inflammation of the lining around the brain and spinal cord. It is a deadly disease that can kill within hours.  Unfortunately, about half of children with meningococcal disease are initially misdiagnosed when they present to their GP. This can lead to a delay in getting urgent hospital care and contribute to a… Read the rest of this post (No Comments)